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Taste of Central Pennsylvania Provides Meals Where They Are Needed Most

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As my sixth year participating in the Taste of Central Pennsylvania grows near, I find myself reflecting on why I am here.  It’s easy to see the fun things and the camaraderie that is shared at Strawberry Square the last Sunday of each October.  Chefs milling about plying our trade, greeting old friends and always meeting someone new.  The air is filled with the scents of the season and food is presented by young men and women in pristine white coats as the room is overrun with food.

 But, why am I really here?  


 As I experienced early in life but seldom share, hunger finds a way. I grew up in northern New York in a region overrun in by rural poverty.  There was plentiful game and fish but there were also lines at government distribution centers and whispers of the days that stores disposed of old foods.  My family was always hunting for food either in the woods, on the lake or behind the stores...When hunger finds a way, you always struggle to keep it at bay.  Not often do I share the story of my youth when I have been so blessed to be where I am today.


 So, why am I here today?  I have shared the angst of hunger and today is my day to keep hunger away. 


Please, embrace what you have and what you can share and together we can keep hunger away for another day.

Join me at Strawberry Square on October 25th, as we fill the room with joy; knowing that for this one day we can all do our share to support the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.


As the Food Bank’s most successful fundraiser, the Taste of Central Pennsylvania has raised nearly $2.5 million over the past 27 years to support the Food Bank’s mission of fighting hunger, improving lives and strengthening communities. The Taste provides patrons with samples of the latest signature menu items from approximately 50 of the area’s top restaurants, caterers, wineries and breweries. The menu samples include everything from lunchtime soups and sandwiches to dinner entrees like chicken confit and roast duck, as well as desserts, snacks and beverages. Learn more here.


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Joe Arthur

Joe Arthur

As the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank’s Executive Director, Joe Arthur serves as the Food Bank’s principal ambassador, regularly presenting on the issue of hunger in Pennsylvania. Joe joined the Food Bank in 2008 after working 23 years in finance and accounting management.

Diane Powell

Diane Powell

Diane's bio will go here once we receive it. Diane's bio will go here once we receive it. Diane's bio will go here once we receive it.

David Lloyd

David Lloyd

David's bio will go here once we receive it. David's bio will go here once we receive it. David's bio will go here once we receive it.

Tara Davis

Tara Davis

Tara Davis is the SNAP Outreach Manager for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. With 15+ years of nonprofit experience, Tara has spent the last eight years fighting hunger with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. Initially, Tara began her career at the Food Bank managing special events and moving on to re-designing and managing the website as well as supporting other endeavors within the Communications & Marketing Department. This past spring she became a part of the Agency Relations Department and took on the new role as SNAP Outreach Manager.

Brad Peterson

Brad Peterson

For more than five years Brad has utilized his skill and experience for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank in the fight against hunger. Brad brings 20+ years of nonprofit experience in communications, marketing, public relations and branding to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and as the Director of Communications and Marketing, Brad manages all internal and external communications, public and community relations, marketing, social media and website content, special event planning and brand awareness for the Food Bank.

Katie Wetzel

Katie Wetzel

Katie Wetzel serves as the Marketing Manager at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. In her role, she supervises the design, production and distribution of Food Bank print materials and leads efforts to produce and deploy relevant and engaging content through digital communication channels. Prior to moving into her current role, Katie managed the Food Bank’s volunteer and food drive programs from 2012-2014.

Shelly Shultz

Shelly Shultz

Shelly Shultz is part of the Marketing Team at Dutch Valley Food Distributors. She is also pursuing a degree in Organizational Leadership and has a passion for helping people grow and achieve their goals.

Allan Rupert

Allan Rupert

Chef Allan Rupert, executive chef at Final Cut Steakhouse, is a graduate of America’s most renowned culinary school, the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. After graduation, Chef Rupert traveled the country and worked at an array of top destination resorts and casinos including Caesars Lake Tahoe, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, the LaJallo Beach & Tennis Club, Sky City Restaurant at the Needle in Seattle and Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course, among others.


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