Other Food Distribution Programs

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Emergency Feeding Distribution Programs

Food Pantries

An emergency or supplemental food source where people receive immediate help and pick up enough food to last three to four days. Pantries can also be a consistent supplemental food source for families whose resources fall short each month.

Soup Kitchens

On-site food operations where a person can go for a meal—breakfast, lunch, dinner—without requiring eligibility guidelines or advance notice.

Emergency Shelters

Provides overnight accommodations and one or more meals for people without homes or who are escaping abusive situations.

Supplemental Feeding Programs

Residential Programs

Provides long-term housing and services, such as drug and alcohol rehab programs and group homes, and one or more meals.

Senior Feeding Programs

Meals are prepared and served to senior citizens. Voluntary contributions for meals are accepted at most centers.

Child and Adult Day Care

Established by the U.S. Congress, these programs provide reimbursement for nutritious meals served to children in childcare centers and daycare homes, or functionally impaired adults.

Other Programs

The United States Government operates several food assistance programs for needy or low-income individuals. These are WIC, Food Stamps (SNAP), TEFAP, summer food service programs, school lunch and breakfast programs, and nutrition programs for the elderly. Please call our Agency Relations department at 717.564.1700 for details on referring clients to these programs.


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