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Food drives are a meaningful way to take action in your community, especially over the winter months. Create a hands-on opportunity to contribute to those in need.

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If you or your company has participated in food drives, please consider a Virtual Food Drive this year! Your donation will go further using a virtual food drive and provides a simple and immediate way help end hunger in central Pennsylvania. More importantly, it eliminates the high costs of handling food items.

Join our Holiday 2016 Virtual Food Drive campaign - form your team today, click here.  Once there, click on start fundraising and build your team and share via email and social media.

Because of the Food Bank’s wholesale purchasing ability, partnerships with food donors and suppliers, and efficient distribution model, a Virtual Food Drive gift multiplies the impact of donors’ generosity.

For example, for every $1 donated, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is able to provide six meals to those in need. So, if an individual or a team sets a goal of $2,000, the Food Bank will be able to provide 12,000 meals! 

A virtual food drive also enables the Food Bank to obtain and distribute most needed healthy and nutritious food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and center of the plate proteins.

To learn more, contact Dave Carl at 717.564,1700, ext. 2263 or email


Each year, food donations to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank bring in millions of pounds of grocery products. Food drives are a great way for schools, apartment complexes, businesses, congregations, or civic organizations to get involved in hunger relief. Schools for instance could educate their students about child hunger while at the same time helping feed the starving children and helping end child hunger.

It's easy to run a successful food drive. The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank can provide collection boxes or barrels, banners, and flyers to advertise your food drive. Contact us to coordinate a time to drop-off and pick-up you’re your collection containers.  Register your food drive


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