Grant will be used for food distribution at two of the Food Bank’s Lewisburg-area partners

(Harrisburg, PA) –  The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank recently received a $2,000 grant from the Lindig Lewisburg Fund at the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania (FCFP).  The grant will be used for food distribution at two of the Food Bank’s partners in the Lewisburg area, First Presbyterian Church and the Eastern Union County Food Pantry.

With these two partners, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank distributes more than 70,000 pounds of food in the Lewisburg area.  The First Presbyterian Church is a soup kitchen serving nearly 3,700 meals each year.  The Eastern Union County Food Pantry annually serves nearly 900 individuals struggling with hunger.  Through this grant, these two organizations will have increased access to the healthy foods provided by the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, including fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy and center-of-the-plate proteins.

“The mission of the Food Bank is fighting hunger, improving lives and strengthening communities,” said Joe Arthur, Executive Director. “We live this mission by providing better access to better, more nutritious food for those struggling with hunger.  This wonderful grant from the Lindig Lewisburg Foundation Fund at FCFP, will allow us to provide more of these nutritious foods to our clients in the Lewisburg area, in collaboration with two of our great local partners.  This grant is the perfect example of how all of us, the Food Bank, its partners, and its funders, are quite simply, better together.”

In January, representatives from the Food Bank accepted the grant donation at the FCFP Philanthropy Center in Williamsport.  Pictured are (left to right) Tammy Avery Weber, Chair of the FCFP; Marianne DePasqua, Chair of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank’s Northern Tier Advisory Committee; and Travis Berg, General Manager of the Food Bank’s Williamsport location, located at 3301 Wahoo Drive.



About Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce hunger in 27 counties across Pennsylvania. By working with more than 1,000 local agencies and partner programs, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank serves nearly 135,000 people in need every month. For more information on the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and its mission to reduce hunger in Pennsylvania, visit centralpafoodbank.org or call 717-564-1700.

About First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania

The Foundation works to improve the quality of life in north central Pennsylvania through community leadership, the promotion of philanthropy, the strengthening of nonprofit impact and the perpetual stewardship of charitable assets.  FCFP strives to create powerful communities through passionate giving.  For more information, visit www.FCFPartnership.org.