Forget the heavy lifting, donating is just a click away with a Virtual Food Drive!

In fact, your donation will go further with a virtual food drive and provides a simple and immediate way to help end hunger in central Pennsylvania.

Click here to give today to our Virtual Food Drive and donate healthy, nonperishable food.

What is a Virtual Food Drive?

A Virtual Food Drive is a web-based tool allowing individuals and organizations to host a food drive through the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank’s website. The online site allows users to scan items at a check-out station instead of going to a store, buying an item, and finding a drop off location.  With just a few clicks, anyone can purchase the most-needed items and make a difference in the lives of neighbors in need.

What are the advantages of a Virtual Food Drive

  • Double your Impact: Because of the Food Bank’s wholesale purchasing ability, partnerships with food donors and suppliers and an efficient distribution model, a Virtual Food Drive gift multiplies the impact of donors’ generosity. The Food Bank can maximize the benefit of funds by helping to provide six nutritious meals for each dollar donated.
  • Convenient: Anyone can participate as long as they have their company or organization’s Virtual Food Drive link. Food Drives that span multiple locations or cities would be accessible to all employees including off-site and home-office workers, as well as clients, family & friends.
  • Easy and Fun: User-friendly and interactive the Virtual Food Drive allows users to drag colorful icons to the shopping basket and then check out in a simple and secure web interface.
  • Better Access to Better Food = Better Health: Virtual Food Drives allow the Food Bank to obtain and distribute healthy and nutritious food including fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and center of the plate proteins.
  • Administration: By going with a Virtual Food Drive, the Food Bank is able to cut the cost of recording and stocking shelves as well as transportation that traditional food drives require. This allows more funds to go directly to our mission of fighting hunger, improving lives, strengthening communities.

How do I get started?

Email Us to learn more or sign up for your Virtual Food Drive.  You can also review our Food and Fund Drive Manual that has fun creative ideas for any type of drive.

To learn more about how your company can start their own virtual food drive, please contact us by:

Phone: 717.564.1700 or 570.321.8023