Over the past few years, traditional food drives have taken a back seat to the new Virtual Food Drive, which allows us to collect monetary donations instead of food donations.  This has proven to be more helpful to us as we are able to purchase more items – such as fresh fruits, meats, and vegetables – that are in high demand and cannot be collected during a traditional drive.  We would encourage you to consider holding a Virtual Food Drive as $1 can help us provide six nutritious meals to our community and include more fresh produce and center of the plate protein.


If you would still like to hold a Traditional Food Drive,  we encourage you to consider donations of our most needed items:  Peanut butter, canned chicken and canned tuna.  These great protein items are much needed.  Please consider a protein drive as your food drive.

We can provide posters, collection bins and a list of our third-party donation guidelines. Please complete the form below and a representative from the Food Bank will contact you.

When your food drive is complete, don’t forget to take photos of your collected items with your staff/team members for your internal use and post on your company’s social media channels (tag us on Facebook at Central PA Food Bank or on Instagram and Twitter @centralpafb).

Email a picture of your drive in action to the Communications and Marketing Department at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank at

Food Drive Registration