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A multi-faceted organization that quietly goes about its charitable mission — serving thousands of people across Central Pennsylvania — has been named by business.org as the best charity in the state.

The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, founded 37 years ago, also ranks 16th among the nation’s top charities and is one of the 14 food distributors in the top 20, according to business.org.

“Whether it’s you or your business, you want your money to go to the right places, and not all charitable organizations treat your hard-earned money the same,” business.org writes.

“No matter the size of the charity or how much it receives in donations, it pays for marketing, salaries and other administrative costs. A charity might support a great cause, but do a lousy job of keeping their administrative expenses low. Some end up being outright scams.”

That’s not the case at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. The website notes that 96 percent of the financial contributions to the food bank program are spent directly on programs serving the public.

Central Pennsylvania Food Bank Executive Director Joe Arthur said about 135,000 people receive food each month from the 1,000 soup kitchens, food pantries, shelter and social programs served by the food bank in 27 counties — including Montour, Northumberland, Snyder and Union counties. Every dollar donated provides six meals, he said.

“We’re very proud” of the designation, Arthur said, adding that he hopes the top listing will encourage even more donations.

“We have to raise $7 million each year, and it’s important for donors to know where their money is going. I’m a donor to charities, and want to know my dollars are used wisely.”

Contributions of financial and food donations as well as volunteers are needed to continue their mission of feeding the hungry, Arthur said.

The Daily Item has covered various aspects of the complex food bank operation, newspaper staff members have volunteered to help and we can report that that operation is impressive. We offer all of those involved in the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank operations our congratulations on this designation.

Visit the website at centralpafoodbank.org for more information and ways to donate food or volunteer your time.