Christine of Columbia County has been a stay-at-home mom for six years, ever since her youngest was born with several medical complications. Fortunately, Kenzie’s health issues are resolving themselves now, but Christine still needs a little extra help to put enough food on the table for her family. Agape’s Fresh Express (a partner of the Food Bank) helps her do just that, and Christine is forever grateful.

“It’s honestly meant a lot. The volunteers here are amazing— they do so much for everybody. It’s obviously helped out financially– just even picking up side items to go with meals. It does make a very, very big difference.”

Christine is especially thankful for Fresh Express during the summer, when her children are home from school. She says her son, a growing 17-year-old, tends to eat everything in the house. Without school food assistance, this appetite can take a toll on Christine’s cabinets. She reiterates how big a role the Food Bank plays in making sure her whole family stays happy and healthy—including securing her own peace of mind.

“It means a lot because it takes stress off my shoulders. It’s one less thing I have to worry about providing them with. We all rob Peter to pay Paul, and obviously feeding my kids is top priority for me. So, it takes a lot of stress off me, you know, as to how I’m going to pay bills and feed them,” she sighs.


*Julia’s story appears in the April 2020 Food For Thought newsletter.  To read the entire edition, click here.